From the Editor

Dacia Rivers, Editorial Director

Dacia Rivers, Editorial Director

In this issue of Texas School Business, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to TASB’s 2018 Superintendent of the Year. I enjoyed getting to know
Dr. Brian Woods of Northside ISD and learning a little bit about him, his
work in schools and his advocacy for Texas public education. And Dr. Woods is just one example of the many hard-working folks we have leading our school districts.

In this issue, you’ll also meet the members of TASA’s Outstanding School Board and TSPRA’s Key Communicator. Hopefully their achievements and their words will inspire you. Their dedication is proof that Texas public schools are worthy of our pride.

That’s a fact that is in sharp focus for me right now, as I compile and prepare our annual Bragging Rights issue, where we highlight unique programs from diverse schools across Texas and give them a chance to shine. Look for that issue in your mailbox the first week of December.

You might notice that this issue does not have a “Student Voices” or “The Arts” column — that’s because we need your help. We want to highlight your students and your fine arts teachers, but we need to hear about them first. Please drop me a line at, or give my email address to your communications staff. I look forward to talking with you about how we can highlight your district on these pages, because truly, that’s what we’re all here for.