From the Editor

Dacia Rivers, Editorial Director

Dacia Rivers, Editorial Director

Once classes wound up for the summer, I headed east to visit three districts that had been hit by Hurricane Harvey nearly a year ago. I listened to their incredible experiences and was shocked by their tales of destruction, but even even more so, I was heartened by their stories of recovery, of community, of perseverance. It’s my pleasure to share those stories with you here, beginning on page 18. I hope their experiences will be as inspiring to you as they were to me.

In this issue, we also have columns that came from two other storm-affected districts. First up is “Student Voices” on page 33, where a 2018 Galveston ISD graduate shares her experience as a student teacher. And on page 39, “The Arts” comes from Humble ISD and focuses on a program where high school students work to build tiny homes for veterans in need.

If you have a student or an educator who’d be interested in penning either of these columns for us in the future, have them drop me a note at I am always eager to share your stories and theirs on these pages.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your summer days to the fullest. Thankyou, as always, for reading.