From the Editor

Spring is here, and there’s no better time for inspiration. Between the wildflowers dotting the roads and the faint view of summer on the horizon, Texas springs are as beautiful as they are fertile. In the pages of this issue of Texas School Business, I think you’ll find plenty to get your own inspirational fires burning.

In writing our cover story, I took virtual tours through three of the most cutting-edge new and remodeled schools in Texas. The most recent members of the Caudill Class, these schools boast some of the most unique school design around, including a remodel that took a school from confusing to classic, a high school built for 21st century learning and careers, and a bayfront school that serves to prepare tugboat operators and Coast Guardsmen with hands-on training.

Also in this issue, you’ll read a student’s firsthand view of the Media Arts program at her high school, where students learn to shoot and edit video as well as produce their own schoolwide radio broadcasts.

You’ll also get a glimpse into some of the arts programs in Lewisville ISD, which begin as early as kindergarten, where a strong emphasis is placed on musical and artistic education. Discover how this has paid off for the district in terms of statewide competitions as well as student growth.

We love posting positive stories like these to highlight all the good things going on in Texas schools. If you have a story idea about an outstanding event or program in your school or district, don’t hesitate to send me your story ideas at

I hope you all have a beautiful, and inspirational, spring.