From the Editor

Dacia Rivers, Editorial Director

Dacia Rivers, Editorial Director

Shakespeare once wrote, “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date,” and I suppose it’s true. In the beginning, summer feels open and limitless, but then one day you wake up and it’s nearly over.

While kids are out of school, teachers and especially school administrators are still hard at work keeping schools operating smoothly and planning for the year ahead. When the last school bell rings, time is on your side for at least a little while. But perhaps the beauty of summer lies in its impermanence.

Whatever your summer looks like, we are here to share with you stories from across the state about what your fellow administrators are achieving. In this issue’s cover story, parental involvement professionals from three of Texas’ diverse school districts o er their advice for getting the parents in your district to participate more at their children’s schools.

In this issue’s “Spotlight,” page 28, we profile Kari Leong, an inspiring administrator who recently retired from Abilene ISD a er working all 34
 years of her career in the district. I recommend checking out a heart-warming “Student Voices” on page 32, where Frank McCray, a JROTC member and high school student from Midway ISD, discusses his experience volunteering to help feed his fellow students in need.

As always, if you know of a student who’d be interested in writing a column for us, or if you have an administrator in mind who deserves to be pro led in “Spotlight,” send me an email at

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a productive and relaxing summer that doesn’t end too soon.