From ‘First Day’ to last, Arlington ISD’s Marcelo Cavazos shows students the way

Five years ago, Marcelo Cavazos, Arlington ISD superintendent and 2016 TASB Superintendent of the Year, started what he calls “First Day.” Every year on the first day of school, he and a few handpicked colleagues visit as many of the district’s 76 campuses as possible. Their mission is to welcome students and teachers and remind them that “there is a way to success, and it’s not just about money or social status. It’s about self-fulfillment, and it begins here and now,” the superintendent says.

Cavazos does this, rain or shine, through sweltering Texas heat and humidity or — well, what else is there?

In his first year, the superintendent finished the day by accompanying home an elementary school student who lived nearby. It was a short stroll, but Cavazos was decked out in a business suit and tie, so, by the time he reached the student’s house, he was drenched in sweat.

During First Day this past September, he visited 11 schools, drove 43.1 miles and logged 11,240 steps (the equivalent of 5.22 miles) in just more than nine hours. (Read article)

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