9th Annual (2015-16)

We are thrilled to bring you the Ninth Annual Bragging Rights 2015-2016 special issue. Congratulations to the 12 featured districts!

We had a record number of nominations — close to 170. The nominations came from all over Texas and from districts large and small. It was simply remarkable to see the diversity of programs and success stories. The one commonality among all nominations was the passionate people behind the programs — people who are passionate about nurturing the minds, bodies and hearts of children.

In the nine years we have been publishing Bragging Rights, it feels, to me, like there is a growing recognition among Texas educators that if we are to be “successful” in educating today’s children, we need to be more holistic in our approach — that is, encouraging academic, social and emotional intelligence in our children. The days of teaching to the test are quickly fading into the background.

I hope you find these stories as inspiring as we did. I encourage you to reach out to these 12 districts if they are doing something that you want to see happen in your district or on your campus.

Collaborate. Educate and mentor each other. Uplift one another. Give us something to brag about in next year’s special issue.

Questions? Contact Katie Ford, Texas School Business Editorial Director