7th Annual (2013-14)

From start to finish, Bragging Rights is always such a fun issue to produce.

Every spring, we at Texas School Business invite school administrators and educators from across the state to nominate their brag-worthy programs for possible publication in this special issue. From those nominations, we select 12 school districts to feature in Bragging Rights, which comes out every December. It’s never an easy process, but somehow we manage.

This year, I’m particularly proud to share the stories in this annual special issue for two reasons.

First, it’s no secret that Texas school districts are feeling a financial squeeze, yet these stories illustrate how resourceful and resilient our public schools can be in lean times. In these pages, you’ll find story upon story of unique partnerships, innovative business models and good, old-fashioned sweat equity to make things happen, regardless of what the budget says.

Secondly, I’m eager to share this issue because it seems to me that I’ve been hearing an inordinate amount of criticism toward Texas public schools lately in social media news feeds and through my colleagues and friends who have school-aged children. Their negative commentary is spoken with such passion and conviction that one would think their viewpoint is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Well, I have 48 pages here that show there’s more to the story, much more. So, perhaps the next time they get on Facebook or open their mouths at a social engagement to slam the entire Texas public school system, they’ll think twice and perhaps be more specific and constructive in voicing their complaints.

At least that’s my hope as we release the seventh annual edition of this very special issue. I’m telling you: There’s no shortage of cool stories about Texas K-12 public schools, and we at Texas School Business intend to keep telling them!

Happy reading.

Questions? Contact Katie Ford, Texas School Business Editorial Director