3rd Annual (2009-10)

As the editor of Texas School Business, it’s my job to seek out success stories in Texas public schools. luckily for me, i never have to search far. Texas public schools are abundant with administrators and teachers whose talent and innovative ideas are ensuring that today’s students grow up to be tomorrow’s thought leaders. one student at a time, Texas public school officials are changing lives for the better.

They are our everyday heroes.

We at Texas School Business want to brag about these heroes and their super programs in the Third Annual Bragging Rights 2009-2010 special issue. each December, we produce this issue to highlight 12 school districts with winning programs. For months ahead of time, we gather nominations from districts, large and small, across the state. To select only 12 winners from this year’s outstanding nominations was truly challenging.

However, we have compiled here a collection of inspiring and heroic tales of school administrators, teachers, parents and students — all working together for a common goal: to ensure excellence in education for Texas schoolchildren.

The purpose of this special issue is twofold: to highlight the successes of Texas public schools, and to inspire our readers to act on similar opportunities in their districts. as you read these 12 “bragworthy” stories, we hope you feel as proud as we do about Texas public education.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please send comments to me at katie@texasschoolbusiness.com.