11th Annual (2017-18)

I was excited to work on my first edition of Bragging Rights this year, and I certainly wasn’t let down. We received close to 200 nominations from across the state, each one detailing something truly amazing going on in our Texas public schools. From districts big and small, from one border to another, there’s a lot to be proud of going on at any moment in classrooms (and outside of them) all around Texas.

Narrowing the finalists down to 12 was such a challenge, I’m not exactly sure how we pulled it off, but here they are, and we hope you enjoy learning about each and every one of them as much as we did. There’s a little bit of everything, from cutting edge science projects, programs that prepare students for life after high school and even a school district bringing the stars to its lucky students.

It’s my personal hope that you find something inspiring in these pages. And if you do, don’t hesitate to reach out to administrators in any of these districts. They are all proud of their accomplishments and ready to share them with other schools that might benefit from their knowledge.

And when you’re done with this issue — please share it. At Texas School Business, it’s our job to spread the good news about Texas public schools, and this annual issue makes a great starting point for many conversations that can only help our mission and give your schools the recognition they deserve.