10th Annual (2016-17)

We are proud to celebrate our 10th year of producing Bragging Rights, which shines a spotlight on 12 districts doing phenomenal work in their schools. This year, we pored over nearly 200 nominations to arrive at the 2016-2017 winners. The districts showcased in the 10th annual special issue represent large, urban cities and small, rural towns. Excellence comes in all sizes.

You’ll find stories of programs that empower students, teachers and entire school communities to be their best selves. You will read how administrators and teachers are bringing technology and innovation to the forefront in their schools. You’ll see how a small group of individuals — or even one person — can effect change across a district or even a state.

We hope that you’ll take these stories personally, in that you will see the potential to implement similar initiatives in your districts. I encourage you to reach out and start the conversation if there’s a story in this issue that inspires you to act. Every featured district expressed a willingness to share their experience and expertise with their peers in public education.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from each other and create even more reasons to brag about Texas public schools!